Sunday, January 17, 2010

Many of the residents of North Dakota have donated their hard earned money to a fund raising group called "the North Dakota Fraternal Police" or the ND FOP. but is this really a police group?

It is a known fact that many of the people making these calls are known felons, if fact the groups ex-manager J.D Lee was a convicted Drug Dealer arrested in 2002 for 1st degree possession of controlled substance cocaine 1 oz. or more.

The groups ex-asst. Manager N. Allen was convicted of criminal sexual conduct in 1999 for reportedly having sex with his girlfriends teenage daughter.

So you would think the company got rid of these employees because of their criminal histories right? WRONG. Both employees where terminated for work related incidents. These are the kinds of people the North Dakota Fraternal Order of Police Have calling your house and talking to your children when your not home.

Well maybe the groups President Grant Benjamin a police officer and school liaison officer from Fargo, ND didn't know. How could he not know he is a police officer, you would think it would be his top priority to protect our kids since he works with them on a daily basis at our schools.

Roseville police dept. have received multiple calls from neighbors of the groups call center located at 1255 west larpenteur ave, Roseville, MN with reports of employees smoking marijuana.

Yes it is a real police group that associates with known criminals.
This group has collected more than $200,000.00 per year for the last few years yet officers belonging to the group see very little of that money. So where has this money been going? well that answer is simple most of the funds are paid to a company called Callan publishing in fact the the ND FOP would only receive 17% of the funds raised.

In 2009 the ND FOP renegotiated their contract with Callan Publishing and is to receive around 92% of all funds raised from then on.

So should you donate your money to the North Dakota Fraternal Order of Police? MY personal opinion is NO! the people making these calls are not in North Dakota. If you would like to help the police in your city, neighborhood you should make donations directly to your local police station that way the money is accounted for by the police station accountant and will be spent on new equipment and upgrades for your local officers.

The ND FOP has been piggy backing on other good police organizations using programs like "shop with a cop" that was not their idea and they have been asked not to use that slogan to raise funds anymore. I know many of you have donated just because of that program. Don't worry you can still donate to that program just don't do it through the ND FOP.

So where is all this money going? Well that's the million dollar question. I would suggest you ask the representative when they call your house. Ask questions like , Where exactly are you calling from? How much money was raised last year? How was the money spent? How much money has this group raise so far this year? How much money goes to school programs? Will this money be given to my local police station and if so how much and how much did my local police station receive last year? What kind of new equipment will this money provide? Will my local officers receive new equipment? Can you send me a financial statement inventorying the where last years funds had been spent?

Ask any Question that comes to mind and don't fall for an easy answer, get a direct answer to your question. And if the calling Rep. Doesn't know the answer ask for the office manager and again ask your question. You have the right to know exactly how these funds a spent. If your not happy with the answer don't donate. If the calling Rep. is rude ask to have your name removed from their calling list and contact the Attorney General to express any of your concerns with this group.